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What comes to mind when you hear the words "sign maker"?

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Personally, I always think about those little signs that real estate agents stick into the ground announcing their open house down the street.  Sometimes I envision garage sale or estate sale signs.

Then there's that huge billboard that stares me in the face at the stop light at the Holcomb Bridge exit on 400N.

Actually, if you drive down any commercial street in Roswell, all the businesses are trying to grab your attention with their signage. So many signs, in fact, that we never really focus on them, but they still leave that subliminal impression on our minds.

That's what branding is all about.

Yes, signs are everywhere, but until a few days ago, I never thought about the fact that most of the signs we see are actually indoors - not outdoors

I always thought that a sign maker was an person who created signage for various business, government and private uses. You know, street signs, business signage and private signs that might be specially ordered by an individual or group.

That is, until I met Jim Tardif, the owner of Signs of Significance right here in Roswell.

Jim told me about wayfinding signs. Wow!  Can you imagine what our lives would be like if no sign maker ever thought about inventing the "Restrooms -->" wayfinding sign?

When you think about it, there are exit signs, entrance signs, Order Here, Pickup Here, Come Back To See Us Again, No Smoking, Caution, Emergency Exit Only, This Way, That Way... you get the idea.

sign maker

Master Sign Maker

Jim Tardif

Jim Tardif, Signs of Significance owner

So now I know that a "sign maker"  is not just a guy  who creates colorful signage.  A master sign maker has to understand sales, marketing, business development, commercial operations, and more. 

Creating signage that's memorable and effective entails just as much art as science.   Developing a piece that connects with the viewer and delivers the impactful message businesses require is that first essential step in branding a local company.

Jim is the sign expert that Roswell business owners go to when they need that first impression to be significant.

Jim has 30 years of experience under his belt, and he understands the importance of high quality products, on-time delivery and the necessity to exceed his customers' expectations.

So now, I have a new-found respect for a vocation I never really gave much thought to before and "sign maker" has a different meaning - a significant meaning - for me.

Now, it really makes sense to me that, if you're a professional baker (or any other type of business owner for that matter) you don't just create your own sign, take it to a printer and say, "Here, print this!"

You go to a sign maker.  Someone who really knows what he's doing.

Here's a question for you though... How do sign makers advertise their business? 

With signs?

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