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Thumbs up diner happy days

Whenever I walk into a diner I am immediately transported back -- back  to my teenage years when the diner was our hangout.  Then, I grew up, started a family and stopped hanging out in diners. 

Then on January 15, 1974 (the  day after my 28th birthday) Happy Days first aired on ABC and a serious case of nostalgia kicked in.  I went back on the weekend diner trail in search of happier days.

When we moved to Roswell, we continued our Saturday morning breakfast ritual of hunting down, what we hoped would be,  our new favorite local diner.   We tried a bunch of local eateries and they all had something to offer, but then...

We found the Thumbs Up Diner!

The Thumbs Up interior is reminiscent of the classic American neighborhood diner, but with a modern touch.  It provides casual seating options, with 50's styled dining tables and chairs, cozy leather bound booths, and a curved counter with those great red leather diner stools.

It reminds me a lot of the places I used to hang out as a teen with one exception... 

The food is amazing!

I mean, who wouldn't want a scrumptious taste of the classic American breakfast -- even at lunchtime?  This is why I go to Thumbs Up!  The food.  OMG, the food!

Thumbs Up Diner Breakfast Faves

This ain't your grandma's cooking. 

Take for example their smoked meats and skillet dishes. They prep and smoke turkey and chicken in-house and use only the freshest local ingredients.

Stuffed.  That's how I feel when I eat one of their skillet dishes piled high with meat, cheese, potatoes and eggs in a hot cast iron skillet.

Click on these yummy examples to see them up close...

Thumbs Up Diner The Heap

The Heap

Thumbs Up Diner Waffles and Wings

Waffles & Wings

Thumbs Up Diner Smoked Salmon Heap

Smoked Salmon Heap

Thumbs Up Diner blueberry pancakes with poached eggs

Blueberry Pancakes & Poached Eggs

Thumbs Up Diner bacon and eggs

Bacon & Eggs

Thumbs Up Diner salmon eggs and grits

Salmon, Eggs & Grits

Thumbs Up Diner bacon and waffles

Bacon & Waffles

Thumbs Up Diner tofu scramble over spinach with veggie sausage

Tofu Scramble over Spinach with Veggie Sausage

If you ask most regular customers about their favorite item in the menu, they will invariably praise Thumbs Up's homemade biscuits. They're light and delicious on their own, but slathered with butter and homemade preserves -- they'll knock your socks off!

Fried catfish, grits, and biscuits are just a few favorites that may also be reminiscent of grandma's home cooking.

Food that's Worth the Wait

Thumbs Up Diner Roswell

Worth the wait...

There aren't many one-time visitors to Thumbs Up.  Most customers become regulars because of the humongous portions, the friendly service, and the remembrances of the not-too-distant past.

Waiting time can be a drag, especially during peak hours, but honestly... the food is worth the wait.

With healthy portions, reasonable prices, and a variety of options, it's okay (for me) to wait a few minutes for food that's crazy good.

The next time you're at Thumbs Up, tell them you found them on RoswellToday!

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