Write for Us

Write for us

Roswell Today is looking for great writers to write guest posts.

Roswell Today's main focus is on delivering quality information to everyone in the Atlanta area about what the city of Roswell has to offer.

We have enjoyed living and working in Roswell and want everyone to know how great it is to be here.

To achieve this, we love to invite your participation to help us provide our valued readers with quality articles, interesting insights and local business reviews.

Contribute To The Community

We are always on the lookout for guest writers to contribute articles to Roswell Today.  We believe that everyone has something unique to share and if you are interested in contributing to the community, we welcome you.

Who Can Write Guest Posts For Roswell Today?

Anyone!  We do not necessarily require you to have any experience as an established writer or blogger.  However, if you do not have a blog for us to take a look at, we would need to take a look at some of your sample writing.

One important factor is that you need to know exactly what you are writing about and be certain that you can write well. Possessing good writing skills is critical.​

Please note that NOT all submissions or applicants will be accepted.  In order to maintain a high quality for our articles, every article will undergo a review by our editor before acceptance.​

Only original and unpublished articles will be accepted.  Once your article has been published, it will belong to Roswell Today and you cannot republish it without our written permission.​

Roswell Today is dedicated to sharing high quality articles with our readership, and we reserve the right to decline or remove any article that we consider does not reach the standards we have set, without stating reasons.

Currently, we are sorry that we can only accept English articles, though extensions to other languages cannot be ruled out in the future.

We are against content theft and plagiarism.  Do write in your own words and give necessary credit in your work.

Please excuse us if your article does not get published.

Please follow the instructions below:​

  • Contact us with a brief but distinctive description of yourself, your expertise/skills and your topics of interest.
  • Attach URLs to some of your work, portfolio and examples (Just URLs will do).
  • Suggest topics you specialize in or are passionate about and the types of articles you would like to write for us.  It will be easier if you indicate the proposed article title and a brief summary.
  • Finally, please DO NOT send large files or articles unless previously discussed.

We are interested in forging long term collaborations with our guest writers.  We'll provide you with detailed guidelines and suggestions, so you will know exactly what we expect and what we are interested in.

We are not interested in SEO companies or anyone trying to link-bait using guest posts and articles.​

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